Public Health Solutions

Whether a community clinic, public hospital, detention facility, public health authority, or quasi-public institution, the Center for Disease Detection (CDD) is well-suited to assist you with your high-volume testing requirements.

Why Choose CDD?

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART equipment and methodologies
  • QUALITY results, commitment to excellence and accuracy
  • FAST turn-around-times
  • PROACTIVE and responsive client services
  • ELECTRONIC test request and reporting system
  • CUSTOMIZED statistical reporting
  • REASONABLE pricing

The Center for Disease Detection has twenty years of experience providing customized solutions to public health authorities. CDD has unique approaches to working with capitated resources to allow for greater utilization of the same resources to reach a larger patient population, while receiving the equivalent or better quality service.

CDD provides complete, streamlined solutions: from provision of all necessary supplies to targeted distribution of results to generation of customized statistical reports. Most importantly, CDD has a patient-first philosophy that is reflected in all that we do.