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We accurately process and result over 4.5 million specimens annually, received from 50 US states and 16 countries.
Patient Reference Desk

Information on Lab Tests
General information on lab tests and conditions for which the tests are screening is accessible from Lab Tests Online®, which is maintained by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Test Results and Related Information
Due to standard operating procedures, implemented to ensure the privacy and excellent health care for all of the patients we serve, the Center for Disease Detection (CDD) will only release results and related information to the clinic/physician submitting the patient’s specimen for testing. Patients should follow-up with their clinic/physician directly to obtain test results.

HIPAA Privacy Practices Notice
Your health information is protected by Federal law. More information on these laws is available from the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Health and Human Services.

The Center for Disease Detection’s HIPAA privacy practices notice is accessible here.

Requests for amendment of protected health information must be submitted using the Laboratory Request Amendment/Correction Form.

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Public Health

The Center for Disease Detection’s core business is centered around implementation of automated, high-volume, integrated diagnostic solutions for government agencies such as the US Department of Labor, US Department of Defense, and US state Departments of Health.

CDD accomplishes this through streamlined and integrated laboratory processes and workflows, which allow for high-volume, high-quality service, with a simplified client interface. We know how to manage testing, data, and statistics; and we provide responsive customer service.

Infectious Disease
The Center for Disease Detection personnel are skilled in infectious disease testing. Additionally, we process large volumes of chlamydia/gonorrhea, hepatitis, syphilis, human papillomavirus (HPV), and  herpes simplex virus (HSV) testing, through a variety of methods. Furthermore, our laboratory information system allows for automatic transmission of results to our clients.

Women’s Health
CDD’s clients include family planning and reproductive health organizations. CDD personnel are able to provide a myriad of testing options for cytology, anatomic pathology, and infectious agents screening for women’s health purposes. CDD utilizes BD SurePath™, HOLOGIC® ThinPrep, and IncellDx OncoTect methods as well as Roche cobas® HPV testing for cervical cytology screening. Our pathologists are experienced in interpretation of biopsies of the uterine cervix (including loop electrosurgical excision and conization procedures), vulva, vagina, endometrium, as well as endocervical samplings, products of conception, and breast smears.

CDD offers comprehensive toxicology services, with drug panel options to screen for a wide variety of both illegal and frequently abused prescription drugs. Screens are performed using a sophisticated chemistry analyzer utilizing the Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) method. This method allows for accurate screening with reduced cross-reacting substances.

Cancer Diagnostics
CDD has four resident (full-time) pathologists and consulting pathologists available, as-needed. In this regard, CDD is ready-to-assist with fast, reliable, interpretation of cytology and anatomic pathology specimens.

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Commercial Solutions

Whether another laboratory, a private clinic, or private hospital, the Center for Disease Detection (CDD) has customizable, responsive solutions to help you better serve your patient population.

Why Choose CDD?

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART equipment and methodologies
  • QUALITY results, commitment to excellence and accuracy
  • FAST turn-around-times
  • PROACTIVE and responsive client services
  • ELECTRONIC test request and reporting system
  • CUSTOMIZED statistical reporting
  • REASONABLE pricing

The Center for Disease Detection provides complete, streamlined solutions from provision of supplies to results to statistics to help you with your business analyses. CDD support personnel represent a wealth of experience in training, logistics, account setup, account management, IT support, specimen processing, diagnostic testing and interpretation, quality assurance and control, customized client solutions, inventory management, third party payment methods, and statistical analysis.

Most importantly, CDD cares about our clients and the patients we serve.

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