The Center for Disease Detection (CDD) located in San Antonio, TX is a reference laboratory that performs laboratory testing requested by healthcare providers across the country. On February 24, 2021, CDD became aware of an incident in which an invoice for one of its clients, UnityPoint Health, was accessed by an external third party. The invoice contained the names of patients and the type(s) of laboratory testing performed by CDD. The invoice did not include test results, any clinical data, Social Security numbers, or any other demographic or consumer information.

Upon learning of this event, CDD promptly disabled external access to the invoice and has no reason to believe that its systems were compromised.

CDD has individually notified potentially impacted individuals for whom it has a valid mailing address with an offer to enroll in credit monitoring and identity protection services provided free of charge for 12 months. Impacted individuals are advised to regularly monitor any insurance explanation of benefits or other account statements to check for any unfamiliar charges or items. If an individual notices any discrepancy on one of these statements, that individual should contact their health plan, financial institution, or law enforcement authorities, as appropriate.

CDD takes its responsibility to safeguard personal information seriously. If you believe you may have been impacted by this incident and have not received an individual notification, please reach out to CDD at 877-234-4722.